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  • Crescent Loom: Converting Neuroscience into Game Mechanics Published : 03/16/2018 12:41:07 | Categories : Weekly Blog

    Brains are not computers, but could neuroscience make for a good computer game? TeacherGaming's very first guest blogger reflects on the process of converting a complex subject into an approachable, yet educational gaming experience.

  • 3 Exciting Gaming Ideas to Engage Your Class With Published : 02/27/2018 14:41:55 | 2 comments | Categories : Weekly Blog

    Classroom engagement can be challenging. Each class can have more than 30 students, each with their own needs and limited attention spans. Even on good days, most teachers need every available tool of the trade to keep everyone going. There are great guides available on how to keep your students motivated and dead time to a minimum. But what about the medium of video games specifically?Read on for ideas on how to use them to provide engagement and variety in your classes:

  • Lesson Plan of the Week: Physics with Universe Sandbox ² Published : 02/23/2018 14:33:51 | Categories : Lesson Plan of the Week

    Take it from us: Universe Sandbox ² is the best astrophysical sandbox simulation game in existence. It is the perfect way to make abstract concepts tangible: rather than just read about celestial movement, why not see it with your own eyes? The game is the optimal accompaniment to any lesson where space is concerned.Read on for a run-through of one of our lessons for the game, which makes gravity come to life on a stellar scale!

  • Deeper Learning With Video Games Published : 02/20/2018 14:27:00 | Categories : Weekly Blog

    What is learning? The acquisition of new skills, knowledge and abilities through various means, including being taught, studying or with experience. What is the best way to learn? A significantly more challenging question with no definite answer, but we can try to answer it:

  • Lesson Plan of the Week: Math with Slice Fractions Published : 02/16/2018 14:23:22 | Categories : Lesson Plan of the Week

    It is time to kick off a new blog feature - Lesson Plan of the Week! In this regular series, we take a look at the best lesson materials TeacherGaming Desk has to offer.First up, we have Slice Fractions, an award-winning puzzle game where students help a mammoth reach its family by slicing ice blocks into the right fractions. Pedagogical research done on the game shows that three hours of play is enough to significantly improve your students' math results.Read on for a quick overview of one of our lessons for the game, which makes fractions both accessible and fun!

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