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  • 6 Classroom Management Nightmares Published : 10/26/2017 13:32:03 | Categories : Weekly Blog

    In a recent survey, we asked over a dozen teachers what their greatest obstacles in the classroom are. Be not frightened during this spooky season and read on to see what they said and how these challenges may be overcome:

  • Resources for Code Week: Programming Games Published : 10/19/2017 13:28:59 | Categories : Weekly Blog

    Programming is becoming ever more important in today’s world. Here at TeacherGaming, we are all about learning through gameplay, so read on below for a list of some great games to use during Code Week.

  • Game-Based Learning: A Hands-On Experiment Published : 10/16/2017 13:26:14 | Categories : Weekly Blog

    Finnish elementary school began a new era on the tenth of August with the new school year. Just prior to this, I took part in Bittileiri (Finnish for “bit camp”), a cross between a summer camp and LAN party. Read on to find out what TeacherGaming got up to with the campers!

  • STEM Projects for Kids Published : 10/12/2017 13:16:53 | Categories : Weekly Blog

    Would you rather read about the physics at work with parachutes or try them out in real life with eggs and napkins? DIY projects like these are great, but for projects that are too great in scope or complex to simulate in real life, you can utilize educational games!

  • Edugames: Making a Teaching Game Published : 10/05/2017 13:11:28 | Categories : Weekly Blog

    Edugames (also known as learning games and educational games) can be great tools in the classroom, if they meet your needs. But have you ever wondered how these products are created?

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