A Newer, Better Desk: A Closer Look

A Newer, Better Desk: A Closer Look

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By: Aleksi Siirtola, Head Learning Developer at TeacherGaming

We’re excited to announce a newer, better and sleeker TeacherGaming Desk! This update has been a long time coming and will make it that much easier to teach with our lessons and analytics.

To access the new Desk, simply start a lesson!

Here are some of it's great new features:

No More Slides

Tired of opening speaker notes for each lesson phase and cycling through endless individual slides? No more: we’ve done away with the slides system altogether, and now use tabs. There’s no hidden information that you need to access manually each time - everything is available right when you boot up the lesson.

Want to skip to a certain section or go back? It’s now easy with the tab system. We want to provide a service where you can teach exactly how you wish, and this is an essential improvement for that. In the near future, we will also be implementing a system that allows you to customize and create your own lessons, but this will take some more testing before we can go live with it.

New Desk!

Sleeker Teacher Notes & Question System

Annoyed when you need to conceal answers from students or even use two monitors to keep information hidden? We’ve solved that problem. All answers are now hidden until you choose to display them, providing you with easy, ready-to-go answers but keeping them hidden from students for your convenience.

We still have our conventional teacher notes, but they are no longer hidden from student view. Rather, they contain additional links and information which do not need to be concealed. Still, we’ve included the feature to hide these notes as well should you choose so. The new Desk offers more customization than ever before!

New questions system!

Revised Lessons & More

To ensure that all our lessons fit into the new system, we’ve had to make some revisions. We continue to update our existing content and are currently working on several new games and lessons. Log in to see all the changes we’ve made - we’ve only mentioned the biggest innovations here. Happy teaching!