How to Fund Your TeacherGaming Experience with PledgeCents

How to Fund Your TeacherGaming Experience with PledgeCents

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We’re excited to officially announce our partnership with the awesome teacher fundraising platform PledgeCents! We know how tight school budgets can be, but don’t want that to stop amazing teachers from offering awesome learning experiences to their students, so we’ve made it easy to raise funds for your TeacherGaming subscription online.

PledgeCents allows you to set up your very own, entirely free fundraising page within minutes, allowing you to involve your local community in the effort. By enlisting the aid of your students, their parents, local institutions and social media, you can quickly fund a TeacherGaming subscription for your class or school for an entire year.

We’ve put together this helpful guide for making the most out of your PledgeCents campaign. Read on below for some great tips on how to get the fundraising ball rolling!

 Example Pledgecents Campaign

How to Set Up Your Fundraising Page

To begin with a ready-to-go, pre-configured TeacherGaming fundraising page, head on over to our PledgeCents hub and fill in some basic details. Though this ready-made page has everything you need to get started, you can change its content and details at any time. To make the most out of your fundraising campaign, there are a couple of steps you can take:

Personalize Your Message

Nothing turns people off faster than cold and generic messages. Let your pledgers know exactly what they are supporting! With pictures, links to videos, and personal messages, your pledgers will not only know what they are backing, but why. If people can relate to your story, they will care, and if they care, they may very well pledge.

Content that your potential pledgers recognize is extra great. Provide a picture of your school and your classroom. Have your students write short descriptions of their experiences with learning games. Show your backers what it looks like in action when your students have learning experiences with TeacherGaming!

At the bottom of this blog post, you can find some ready-made graphics you are free to use in any of your communications.

Make Support Tangible

A great way to make pledges enticing is to express them in practical terms. If you need $150 for a year’s TeacherGaming subscription for 30 students, suggest that a great donation would be $5 - letting backers know that it would cover classroom games for a full year for a single student.

An abstract value is not relatable: letting your pledgers know
exactly what is done with their generous backing is a great way to make fundraising fully transparent and effective.

PledgeCents Fundraising Goal

Making Your Fundraiser A Success

Reaching the funding goal for a year’s TeacherGaming subscription only takes a few generous backers. Below are some handy tips for efficient fundraising!

Reach Those Who Can Reach Others

Today, you have access to countless people and organizations that can help you spread the word (and possibly even donate to your campaign), including:

  • Your PTA
  • Radio stations
  • Newspapers
  • Restaurants
  • Faith organizations
  • Sports teams

The best part about this is that most of these organizations typically have social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter, which help them reach even more people!

Parents and Students Are Your Greatest Ally

Fundraising can be as simple as asking your students’ parents for donations. You can write a letter the students can bring home with them, but a handwritten note by your students themselves is even better.

Alternatively, if you’d like to send out emails, PledgeCents has a great guide for you here.

Don't Neglect Social Media

By and large, social media remains the fastest and easiest way to let the public know about your fundraising campaign. Ask friends for help. Share your campaign and progress updates through your own account on Twitter and/or Facebook. Even better, if someone you know has a real following on a platform, ask them to post for you!

Use the sharing buttons on your PledgeCents page and don’t forget to take full advantage of our marketing assets below! Make sure to tag us in your posts on Twitter and Facebook using the handle @TeacherGaming. We will share your campaigns with our community.

 Social Media Buttons

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some handy answers to the most frequently asked questions about fundraising for Desk with PledgeCents.

If you have any questions related to fundraising that are not covered here, please contact our Store Manager at raido[at]teachergaming[dot]com.

Q: What’s the benefit of using PledgeCents to fund my TeacherGaming subscription?

A: Not only is using PledgeCents easy, but it makes our great subscription deal even more affordable for you. A single classroom package with over 30 games only costs $150 per year. That comes to about $5-6 per student - a minute amount their parents should be willing to happily send your way!

Q: What if I exceed my funding goal?

A: We have two options at your discretion: you can keep the campaign going for the duration you originally intended, or end it once the goal is reached. With both options, you will receive the subscription package you originally set out to raise funds for. However, should you keep the campaign going, we can provide you with bonus game licences, or return any excess funds to your backers once the campaign has run its course.

Q: Can I use PledgeCents if I live outside the USA?

A: Yes - PledgeCents is also available in the UK and Canada. Unfortunately, campaigns from other countries are not supported at this time.

Q: What if I don’t meet my fundraising goal?

A: Fret not! You can choose to only partially fund a full year’s subscription, or use the money you raised to subscribe for a shorter amount of time. If you so choose, we may also return the pledges if you are only interested in your goal being fully realized.

Q: What happens after my campaign is complete?

A: Whether or not you meet your goal, a representative from TeacherGaming will be in touch with you. If, for whatever reason, you have not heard from us after your campaign completes, you can contact us at raido[at]teachergaming[dot]com.

Q: How do I edit my fundraising page?

A: You can do this at any time by going to your PledgeCents account dashboard. If you have any trouble doing so, please contact PledgeCents support at [email protected].

For further questions, please consult the official PledgeCents FAQ.

How to Set Up Your Fundraising Page

Below are some resources that will help you create a message that resonates with your community.

Social Media Images





Feel free to use either of these videos: Video 1, Video 2