KerbalEdu Has Been Updated!

KerbalEdu Has Been Updated!

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Has it really been a year since our last KerbalEdu update? Time sure flies!

To prove that we haven't forgotten all about it, KerbalEdu has been updated to version 1.3.1e859, based on the 1.3.1 build of Kerbal Space Program. As always, all the features from the updated base game have been preserved in this version of KerbalEdu.

The update brings with it some massive changes to our educational content and license management:

TeacherGaming Desk Integration

Some of you KerbalEdu teachers may be familiar with our game-based learning platform, TeacherGaming Desk. The Desk is an educational toolkit that supercharges awesome learning games with ready-made lesson plans and curriculum-complementary learning analytics that let you track your students' progress in real time. And as of today, KerbalEdu supports these features! 

To get you off to a good start with the platform, we have seven full-length lessons available for you on the Desk, touching upon a variety of physics concepts. Keep in mind that this is just a taster of what the complete experience has to offer: for an annual subscription fee, you can gain access to 35+ other games and 180+ lessons! 

A New License Management System

KerbalEdu being more closely connected to the larger TeacherGaming ecosystem calls for a change in the ways we manage licenses for the game. Your licenses are no longer connected to specific devices with a license key. 

Instead, your students will log in through our TeacherGaming App using a Class ID and Student ID you can find on TeacherGaming Desk. We will no longer monitor installations, but rather the number of students logged in at any one time. Put simply: if you purchase 30 KerbalEdu licenses, thirty students can be logged in and playing concurrently on any devices.

What We Need From You

Because of these changes, getting the new version up and running will take a little effort on your side, but it will ensure we can continue to offer you and our future customers a smooth gaming experience!

Here is a step-by-step guide for customers who purchased KerbalEdu before July 2017:

1. Create a TeacherGaming account on TeacherGaming Desk. It may take a little time for us to validate your educator account - please hang tight!

2. Fill in this transfer form with the email you used to purchase your licenses, as well as the email you used for Step 1. This will let us transfer your KerbalEdu licenses to your TeacherGaming account. We will send a confirmation email once we are done.

3a. Once the transfer is done, download the TeacherGaming App on all devices you wish to install the new version on. You can download it by following this link and selecting "Show downloads".

3b. The App is not currently available for Linux users, so those on Linux should log in to TeacherGaming Store with their new credentials and navigate to Profile -> Downloads in the top menu bar. You will be able to download KerbalEdu here once the transfer is done.

4. Log in to TeacherGaming Desk and make a note of your Class ID. You will also need to create Student IDs for all your students - the entry tutorial on the Desk will guide you through this! If your computer lab sees heavy traffic, we recommend creating student IDs for specific devices, rather than for each individual student.

5. Launch the App, log in with your Class ID and any Student ID and download KerbalEdu. Linux users can install and launch the game directly.

6. During your lesson, your students will be asked to log in with their Class and Student IDs when they launch the game, either through the App or directly.

If you purchased your licenses after July 2017 (in other words, on the TeacherGaming Store), you do not have to re-register for an account or transfer your licenses. KerbalEdu will be immediately available for you through the App, so please follow the steps starting from Step 3.

In the future, all KerbalEdu updates will be available directly through the App or TeacherGaming Store.

If you have any questions or run into trouble while downloading the update, please contact us at contact[at]

But I Don't Even Have The Game Yet!

Not to worry! You can get KerbalEdu right here on the TeacherGaming Store for the ridiculously low educator price of $17 per license. Happy shopping!

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