Lesson Plan of the Week: Algorithms and Functions with AlgoBot

Lesson Plan of the Week: Algorithms and Functions with AlgoBot

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AlgoBot is a brand spanking new programming puzzle game featuring more than twenty challenging puzzles that test your students' computing skills. Some of you may recognize the studio behind the game, Fishing Cactus, as the creators of the charming touch typing game Epistory, also available through TeacherGaming.

The game starts with a bang, as the spaceship that the titular AlgoBot works on suffers a catastrophic engine failure. Can your students reach the ship’s emergency systems in time to save the day?

Read on for a run-through of one of our lessons for the game, which makes algorithms easy and accessible to understand!

Playing the Game

The titular AlgoBot is a simple robot that needs to be programmed to proceed. Using a graphical representation of a command line, the game makes algorithms and functions easy to understand - a far cry from the difficult and abstract concepts they can initially appear to be. Students simply drag and drop commands to create the algorithm they need. 

Later on, the puzzles become increasingly more challenging and rewarding. With functions within functions, recursion and even conditional expressions, the game can challenge and entertain even actual professional programmers with its optional “perfect algorithm” challenges. Each concept is slowly introduced organically through gameplay, and learning is reinforced by slowly increasing difficulty.


Algorithms & Functions

This lesson introduces students to the use of functions in AlgoBot. By placing the respective function symbol on the command line, you can clean up your code and make it more compact. Later on, students get to master the use of up to three functions, which can be nested for even more complex puzzles and sequences.

Algorithms and Functions

and Your Classroom

Classrooms that need a great computer science game with an emphasis on basic and intermediate programming logic will be the perfect place to use AlgoBot. The game is also a good fit for students who need to review their understanding of equations and conditionals - both in the mathematical and programming sense. Other lessons take a closer look at the later concepts of the game, such as recursion, nested functions, conditionals and more.

AlgoBot is available for educators through TeacherGaming Store and as part of our TeacherGaming Desk subscription. Click here to find out more about the service!

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