Lesson Plan of the Week: Financial Literacy with EduCash

Lesson Plan of the Week: Financial Literacy with EduCash

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EduCash is an investment simulator for younger students! They play as a pig-man who has crash-landed on a planet with a large population of chickens. By acquiring chickens and providing them with food, they happily produce eggs, which the player sells off at a profit. Knowing when to invest, making sure you have enough funds to pay your chickens and purchasing insurance are all crucial concepts in the game. EduCash can look deceptively simple, but in reality all of its gameplay revolves around economics and investment.

Read on for a run-through of one of our lessons for the game, which makes investment fun!

Playing the Game

EduCash is all about balancing investment, capital and risk. The in-game currency is seeds, which are used to purchase chickens and feed them. The eggs produced by the chickens are then exchanged for more seeds. In the early stages of the game, the only potential pitfall students face is overextending their budget. After all, if you cannot afford to feed your chickens, they will become fed up and leave!

Later levels introduce more challenges: sometimes, foxes will enter the hen house and take off with a chicken or two if there is nothing to stop them. The game allows you to buy insurance in the form of dogs, providing a solid line of defense against the chicken-thieves. Other concepts introduced later on in the game include specific challenges, trading in bulk and deadlines, all depicted as part of the gameplay.


Financial Literacy

This lesson takes a closer look at different kinds of companies. While every student has certainly heard of real-life companies, they are not likely to know what a startup company is, or what exactly is the definition of "corporation". Crucial concepts for this lesson include core economic concepts income, expenses and wants.

Want and its effects are subtly depicted in-game: since there are infinite things that a person or company always wants, they must make choices. If a player chooses to buy more chickens, they will not be able to afford that extra guard dog, and vice versa. The choices not made are known as the opportunity cost in economics, and depicted with every in-game choice as well.

Algorithms and Functions

and Your Classroom

EduCash is best utilized in classrooms with younger students. It is a great way to exemplify economics concepts that can seem more difficult than they actually are. As a game, it is entertaining, but it is not all that challenging, especially for older students. Perhaps the best way to use EduCash is by getting your students excited about entrepreneurship. Every businesswoman and man needs to start from somewhere!

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