Lesson Plan of the Week: The History of Science with Odyssey

Lesson Plan of the Week: The History of Science with Odyssey

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Odyssey - The Next Generation Science Game is an adventure puzzle game that combines an intriguing mystery plot, challenging astronomical puzzles and reading comprehension to deliver a unique experience. You traverse to a small group of islands known as the Wretched Isles, enticed by a distress signal. What looms in the uncharted locations of the isles?

Playing the Game

In Odyssey, students look for diary entries left behind by a member of the family that activated the distress signal. These entries map the learning process of astronomical theories, beginning with ancient discoveries and progressing to modern contemporary knowledge as the game goes on. These diary entries are necessary to solve the game’s challenging puzzles.

The puzzles begin as relatively simple conundrums and increase in difficulty later on. For example, in the very beginning, the player is tasked to mark the Polaris star on a star chart, a quick and easy assignment. Later on, you need to complete constellation models, understand ancient Greek elements and calculate wind resistance and much more.

Odyssey: The Next Generation Science Game


This lesson takes a closer look at the famed Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle and his contributions to astronomy. Every lesson in this lesson series follows and adds to the playing experience: you get to teach students crucial history of astronomy with our lesson materials, and the learning is reinforced with the in-game diary entries and puzzles. With Odyssey, students get to learn the lesson’s theme in three different ways!

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and Your Classroom

Odyssey is a rare learning game in the sense that it is a great fit for two entirely separate purposes: reading comprehension and scientific learning. To complete the game, a student will need to read almost 300 pages worth of diary entries on scientific theories and argumentation(!) Another great strength of Odyssey is that it provides great practical examples of otherwise esoteric and abstract astronomical theories. Other lessons take a closer look at contemporary astronomy, ancient astronomers and various related concepts.

Odyssey - The Next Generation Science Game is available for educators through TeacherGaming Store and as part of our TeacherGaming Desk subscription. Click here to find out more about the service!

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