Lesson Plan of the Week: Math with Slice Fractions

Lesson Plan of the Week: Math with Slice Fractions

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It is time to kick off a new blog feature - Lesson Plan of the Week! In this regular series, we take a look at the best lesson materials TeacherGaming Desk has to offer.

First up, we have Slice Fractionsan award-winning puzzle game where students help a mammoth reach its family by slicing ice blocks into the right fractions. Pedagogical research done on the game shows that three hours of play is enough to significantly improve your students' math results.

Read on for a quick overview of one of our lessons for the game, which makes fractions both accessible and fun!

Playing the Game

Students of all ages can pick up the game and play, but those aged 7 to 10 will most likely benefit the most. Students do not need to be able to read to play, but a basic grasp of numbers becomes vital in the later puzzles of the game as the fractions become more complex. Gameplay is simple: students slice ice into specific pieces to solve fraction problems.

The best time to play Slice Fractions is when you wish to introduce fractions to your class or review them. Many rather abstract concepts, such as denominators and numerators, are brought to life in-game. Slice Fractions is great for students who need to practice their fractions: if you can’t get a fraction right, you simply restart the puzzle until you succeed.

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Reading Pie Charts & Fractions

This lesson - third in the Slice Fractions series on TeacherGaming Desk - takes a closer look at fractions being represented as pie charts. With concrete examples, students get to master the charts both with classroom exercises and puzzles in the game. Concepts from earlier lessons, such as numerator and denominator, are revisited in the game.

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Slice Fractions
and Your Classroom

Slice Fractions is a great fit for any classroom which needs to cover fractions. It’s a great way to make one of the earliest challenging mathematical concepts fun and engaging, and a great fit for any primary-level curriculum. For example, in the Common Core, it covers multiple concepts, including part-whole partitioning, numerator / denominator notation and fraction equivalence (for a full list, see here).

Slice Fractions is available for educators as part of our TeacherGaming Desk subscription. Click here to find out more about the service!

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