Universe Sandbox 2 Has Been Updated!

Universe Sandbox 2 Has Been Updated!

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Good news - Universe Sandbox 2's Update 21.2 is out on TeacherGaming Desk, bringing languages, more content, additional peripheral support and more!

Read on for a quick look at all the newest features:

Additional Language Support

Language Support

Universe Sandbox 2 now supports more than 20 languages. What’s more, the developers are open to adding even more! European languages are now well-covered, ranging from French, Italian and Czech to Nordic languages such as Swedish, Danish and Finnish. All of the content is available in these languages, and you can certainly use the game to brush up on your foreign language skills in astrophysics. Just swap the language in the options menu!

Jupiter's Moons

Jupiter's Moons

The planet Jupiter has a fascinating set of moons. Did you know, for instance, that one of its moons is unique and orbits in the opposite direction in relation to all the other moons? “It’s basically driving down the highway in the wrong direction,” said Scott Sheppard, one of the astronomers who made the discovery. All of the moons are quite small, only 1 to 2 miles wide.

To see Jupiter and its fascinating small moons, go in-game and select “Home > Open > Core > Jupiter’s New Moons”.

Windows Mixed Reality Support

Mixed Reality

Universe Sandbox 2 now fully supports three of the major VR solutions: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and, with this update, Windows Mixed Reality. Play sitting down or standing and put on your virtual reality set for the most impressive universe-scale experience available on personal computers. VR is great for demonstrating scale and distance in a tangible way, and can make astrophysical concepts tangible for students like nothing else.

Earlier Improvements

The above covers all the features released in the latest patch. Earlier patches have brought a slew of other great additions and tweaks, including better graphics (such as visuals for supernovae), improved performance, a more user-friendly UI and much more. The simulator still continues to receive updates and additional features. We will keep you posted - in the meantime, try the game out on TeacherGaming Desk!

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