STEM Projects for Kids

STEM Projects for Kids

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STEM projects for kids are a great way to engage students in scientific subjects. They serve to bridge the gap between learning and playing, providing kids with an opportunity to learn by doing something fun and understandable. Would you rather read about the physics at work with parachutes or try them out in real life with eggs and miniature parachutes?

As fun and educational as DIY projects such as these can be, they can’t hope to illustrate everything satisfactorily. For projects that are too great in scope or complex to simulate in real life, you can utilize educational games!

Read on below for ideas on for a few games that provide excellent opportunities for projects that are both informative and exciting:


Odyssey and the Art of Astronomy

Odyssey Blog.jpg

With a Kokoa Standard certification to show for its impressive learning content, Odyssey is certainly a great contender for STEM learning. Conveniently, the gameplay more or less is a digital astronomy project, where students learn about astronomy and its history and complete project work.

The only real difference with this approach is that unlike with traditional real-world projects, the students will need to read a little bit of theory before they dive into the puzzles. On the upside, the game’s brilliant puzzles can be enjoyed by the whole class, even when you have no arts and crafts materials available!

Universe Sandbox ² and Building Worlds

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Have you ever wanted to see what would happen if you hurled Pluto at the Sun or made the Earth spin backwards? Universe Sandbox ² is a great science simulation game that makes the galactic scale understandable and approachable. Whereas Odyssey focuses on practical astronomical observations made from Earth, Universe Sandbox ² gives you effectively limitless power on a stellar level.

Want to see what would happen if Earth had another similar Moon? Go for it. Want to learn how much you need to change Earth’s climate to end all life? That’s a bit dark, but, again, with this simulator you definitely can find out (without hurting anyone).

The only drawback of the game is that it doesn’t really offer a structured approach on its own, but ready-to-go lesson plans are a huge help, especially if you don’t have time to plan a few lessons or activities of your own. With Universe Sandbox ², astronomical projects are more limited by your own imagination than anything else.

Level Building with The Electric Shocktopus

Shocktopus Blog.png

In a modern society, electricity is all around us. With the amazing platformer that is the Electric Shocktopus, you get to experience its effects on a manageable scale as you zoom around as an octopus - one that is able to manipulate electric charges! Players race through hazardous levels, utilizing electric and magnetic fields to their advantage and collecting stars as they go.

What’s more, the game comes with an excellent level editor, allowing students to create levels that are literally just as good as the ones that come with the game. This affords the opportunity for an exciting opportunity: with a group of students, everyone can create a level or two, and then another student can play that level. In order to design these challenges, the students need to understand the electromagnetic forces at play, both facilitating and necessitating learning and a greater understanding.


Independent, Safe Learning

Another great thing about learning games and projects done with them is that they are safe in every sense of the word. When trying out chemical mixtures in ChemCaper, there is no risk of an explosion. You can’t actually blow up the universe with Universe Sandbox 2. Curated games are also completely free of graphic violence and any kind of other harmful imagery.

STEM projects are fun and very educational. Learning in the classroom and at home with these projects has never been easier than when utilizing educational games. Even better, the projects can continue back at home, improving learning with continued study.