Typing Games: Touch Typing Made Fun

Typing Games: Touch Typing Made Fun

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Typing games are games that teach you touch typing as you play. When it comes to 21st century skills, few are as widely useful and easily taught with video games as touch typing. Typing games give purpose to the practice of repeated exercises, making it easier to stay motivated and keep on practicing until touch typing is mastered. This crucial skill is useful for anyone who writes with a computer - that is to say, pretty much everyone in today’s world!

Read on below to learn about a particularly good typing game: Epistory - The Typing Chronicles.

What is

Epistory is a rare gem of a game: it is both a successful commercial undertaking and an excellent teaching game. It combines beautiful graphics and solid gameplay with mechanics that necessitate learning touch typing. The main character’s movement and attacks are controlled by writing words that appear on the screen. In the beginning, it might be possible to haphazardly type through the challenges, but soon enough it becomes apparent that simply learning touch typing is the way to go.

Epistory takes place in a fantasy setting. It is strongly hinted that the game is set in the imagination of a writer, as she struggles to overcome writer’s block and inaction. The stylized blocky visuals, fantastic narrative and peculiar fighting reinforce this interpretation. Despite the fighting, there really isn’t any violence in the game: as you type, the cartoonish enemies disappear into puffs of smoke as you hurl completed pages at them.

Gameplay in Epistory

The game uses two distinct modes in its gameplay. The first allows movement, while the other grants the protagonist the ability to defend herself. Pressing “space” transitions between these modes: the main character stops, and the attack mode is activated. Ingeniously, the target of your attacks is determined by the word that you type! Not only do you need to type ever more quickly as the game progresses in scope and difficulty, but be quick to react and select the right targets. This system is further complicated by special powers, such as freezing and fiery pages, which you switch to typing “ICE” and “FIRE”, respectively.

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Touch Typing Skills

The best thing about Epistory is that the skills learned in the typing game translate directly to actual touch typing. Nothing about writing in the game is different when compared to typing when you’re writing in any other program. Rather, the game’s hardest late-game challenges can be so demanding that they can decidedly improve your performance with touch typing, even if you’re a seasoned professional.

Fantastically, the game is also perfectly suitable for kids. With its colorful graphics, straightforward gameplay and intriguing plot, it is far more likely to hold a student’s attention than trying to learn touch typing all by itself.

TeacherGaming Desk and Epistory

Want even more out of Epistory when learning touch typing? TeacherGaming Desk provides analytics, lessons and an easy-to-use app when utilizing Epistory in your teaching. The lessons cover the basics of touch typing and provide additional tips and tricks when mastering your typing skills.

Alternatively, the game alone is available for purchase on TeacherGaming Store. Learning touch typing has never been this easy!

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