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  • Educational Games: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Published : 03/20/2018 16:07:29 | Categories : Weekly Blog

    What makes a game educational or entertaining? Can a game be both good entertainment and a true learning asset? Here are some examples of the greatest learning games, the decidedly mediocre ones and games that are not suited to the classroom at all.

  • Crescent Loom: Converting Neuroscience into Game Mechanics Published : 03/16/2018 12:41:07 | Categories : Weekly Blog

    Brains are not computers, but could neuroscience make for a good computer game? TeacherGaming's very first guest blogger reflects on the process of converting a complex subject into an approachable, yet educational gaming experience.

  • 3 Exciting Gaming Ideas to Engage Your Class With Published : 02/27/2018 14:41:55 | Categories : Weekly Blog

    Classroom engagement can be challenging. Even on good days, most teachers need every available tool of the trade to keep everyone going. But what about the medium of video games specifically?

  • Deeper Learning With Video Games Published : 02/20/2018 14:27:00 | Categories : Weekly Blog

    What is learning? The acquisition of new skills, knowledge and abilities through various means, including being taught, studying or with experience. But what is the best way to learn?

  • Educational Technology in 2018 Published : 02/13/2018 14:21:33 | Categories : Weekly Blog

    Classrooms of today and tomorrow are going to look very different from what we’re used to. Read on for our thoughts on where edtech is now, what challenges we are facing, and potential solutions to these exciting new developments!

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