Arctopia: Bryan Gets FinEd

Learn to make great choices


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ArcLab's Arctopia: Bryan series turns tough everyday choices into engaging learning moments. Students help Bryan navigate through the pitfalls of a busy student life, helping him manage his time and money to make the most out of every moment, picking up life lessons as they go!

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Personal finance can come across as a dry topic with little relevance to school-age children. Arctopia lets students see the immediate effects of their habits in a relatable setting.


Opportunity cost is a dilemma we all face every day: by choosing one option, we give up the other. The Bryan games show players how these trade-offs are constantly present in our lives.


Time management is a skill that comes in handy very early on in life. Juggling school, social life and rest is often tricky, but learning to make conscious decisions lets students feel more in control.

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