Arctopia: Life of Bryan

Micromanage your way to massive success


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Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

ArcLab's four-game series Arctopia makes the player the boss! The citizens of Arctopia need an expert to take charge of their ailing businesses and busy lives - and who better to do so than your brilliant students? From personal finances to business development, Arctopia covers it all.

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Economics can come across as a dry topic with its complicated terminology and long strings of numbers. Arctopia lets students see the immediate effects of their actions on the market and their personal finances.


Opportunity cost is a dilemma we all face every day: by choosing one option, we give up the other. The Arctopia games show players how these trade-offs are constantly present in both our personal and professional lives.


Time management is a skill that comes in handy very early on in life. Juggling school, social obligations and proper rest is often tricky, but learning how to make smart and conscious decisions lets students feel more in control.

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