Arctopia: Monopoly Power

Micromanage your way to massive success


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Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

ArcLab's Arctopia: Monopoly series makes the player the boss! The citizens of Arctopia need an expert to take charge of their ailing businesses - and who better to do so than your brilliant students? From small town entrepreneurship to real monopolies, these games cover all bases.

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What leads to a monopoly? Students can use a variety of methods to reach this coveted business status, such as by securing supply deals, price-gouging, and product development.


Corporations are intricate entities that are in constant interaction with consumers. Students will learn the ins and outs of how businesses affect the market through research and advertising.


In a world where resources are far from unlimited, choices need to be made. Based on these choices, students’ business will either thrive or head toward an unavoidable bankruptcy.

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