Backyard Engineers

Calling all tinkerers


$8.98 Private
$5.99 Educator

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Filament Games’ Backyard Engineers is an engineering game that helps develop your students’ creative thinking skills. Create the ultimate catapult and launch water balloons at the neighborhood kids! Each level of the game is a unique puzzle that challenges players to experiment with engineering solutions.

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A machine is not complete once there is nothing left to add, but once there is nothing left to take out. Construct the ultimate water balloon-firing machine and defeat your opponents in your backyard!


Calculate trajectories and plan ahead to adapt your tactics to different opponents. Don't splash the dogs, be ready for fast-moving runners and the dreaded cardboard tanks. (Water) bombs away!


Take on numerous challenges with special constraints. Can you analyze the situation to find the perfect solution? You have limited time, resources and options. Will you manage to build the perfect balloon lobber?