Bongo Balance

A real balancing act


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$2.99 Educator

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Filament Games' Bongo Balance is a puzzle game that makes balancing chemical equations a breeze! Instead of balancing atoms, students try to keep hungry animals happy by making sure they have the same amount of food, adding and subtracting clusters of fruit. Chemistry can be intimidating, but cute animals are not!

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Each element is represented by its own letter (or two letters). With the game's puzzles, students come to memorize many common elements and their symbols through repetition and puzzles.


Bongo Balance is all about balancing equations. Think of it like a seesaw: unless if there is no balance, each level is not complete. By using different compounds, students must calculate the perfect mix.


Only through careful planning, logic and mastery of sums can students hope to beat each level. With limited resources and challenging puzzles, each level is a test of cunning and pattern recognition.