Chiro Heroes

Conquer Chinese characters


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Delta Duck Studios' fantasy adventure game Chiro Heroes turns words into weapons worthy of a hero. Embarking on a quest to defeat a terrifying horde of villains, players learn basic Chinese while playing the game.

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Standard Chinese characters can seem foreign to eyes used to Roman ones. In Chiro Heroes, students learn to write Chinese characters fast. Before they know it, they will have memorized multi-stroke hanzi by heart.


Hanyu pinyin is the official romanization system for Chinese characters. Chiro Heroes helps students connect written hanzi with their Roman pinyin counterparts and internalize their spoken forms and meanings.


Mnemonics are handy memorization techniques that help us remember hard-to- grasp things. When just starting out, hanzi can be hard to remember, but a few tricks here and there can make a huge difference in the end.

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