Climate Pursuit

Evolve and survive


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Netherlands Institute of Ecology's Climate Pursuit is a tense strategy game that has students face the harsh realities of a century of climate change, trying to ensure the survival of an entire species. Life at the mercy of nature is hard, and they will have to learn to adapt to the ever-changing conditions - or go extinct.

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What effects does global warming have and how does it affect animals? As the climate creeps toward even the coldest regions of the planet, do your best to spread and thrive in these changing times.


Select the most viable traits and abilities to thrive and succeed. Will you need heat resistance? How about a faster breeding cycle? Guide your species in the right direction or face extinction.


Engage in a race against time and irreparable change as you spread your concurrent generations across the world, doing your best to avoid the creeping climate upheaval. Choose the right traits or perish.