Contraption Maker

Weird and wonderful physics


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Windows, Mac

Top Meadow's brilliant Contraption Maker lets your students design and build ridiculous machines from scratch. Part puzzle game, part laboratory, Contraption Maker is 100% smart fun from the original creators of The Incredible Machine.

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Physics is the set of iron rules that all contraptions follow: how the ropes and pulleys work and how far objects fly. While playing Contraption Maker, students see physics in action and can iterate accordingly.


Engineering is where theoretical knowledge and practice meet: students apply their understanding of physics and maths and use it to solve problems. Contraption Maker is the perfect playground for budding engineers.


Problem-solving is one of the key 21st century skills of today. Contraption Maker is one of the easiest ways to practice those skills in the classroom. Compare and share solutions in the class to find new perspectives!

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