Crazy Plant Shop

A game for green thumbs


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Filament Games' Crazy Plant Shop is a plant genetics learning game that makes floral entrepreneurs out of your students! Using a magic Punnett square machine to determine dominant and recessive traits, they fulfill customer orders and sustain their plant shop, learning about trait inheritance and plant genetics.

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Teach students complex topics such as genotypes, phenotypes, genetics and DNA with Crazy Plant Shop! By cross-breeding the right plants, you can produce anything a client is looking for.


Breed plants and find out what makes a trait recessive or dominant. What is the best genotype for breeding? Find the perfect genetic combination, calculate the odds with the Punnett Square and breed!


Select the best clients, meet their needs and budget for new plants and upgrades! Only by making sound choices can your business thrive and let you keep on acquiring new plants and expanding.

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