Democracy 3: Africa

A standalone expansion


Included in subscription package, starting at $150.00 per school

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Windows, Mac

Positech Games' political simulation game Democracy 3 has received its first standalone expansion. In Africa, your students are put in charge of a new continent with its own defining features and beautiful people.

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Politicsrequires the students to think what effects their agenda has on different interest groups. Balancing between driving their own goals and winning the election, they learn to compromise and assess cause and effect.


Economics is the backbone of any society and most decisions deal with the allocation of money. In Democracy, students need to balance their budget and face the financial repercussions of their choices.


Strategic thinking in politics often means compromising. Blindly driving your own agenda at the expense of others can get you out of the office quickly. Be sure to think ahead and anticipate the public's reactions.

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