Fossil Forensics

Not just any old bones


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$2.99 Educator

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Filament Games' Fossil Forensics is a biology learning game that lets students study rare and ancient fossils. In the game, players assist a museum curator in sorting and examining fossils and get to make ancestral hypotheses about their skeletal systems, learning about trait inheritance, unity, and diversity.

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RESEARCH Assist a museum curator by analyzing and comparing a collection of rare and ancient fossils. Make ancestral hypotheses about their skeletal systems, paying special attention to common characteristics!


Inheritance, unity and diversity are all crucial concepts for understanding the flora and fauna on Earth. Subtle differences and adaptations allow life to thrive almost anywhere on the planet.


Theorize about evolutionary relationships among organisms based on time and physical attributes of fossils! You have the bones, but can you make sense of them and beings they once were?