Hale's Tale

A story of an everyday hero


Included in subscription package, starting at $150.00 per school

Available on

Android, iOS

Berry Tale Studios' charming adventure game Hale's Tale proves that not all heroes fight dragons - some pick apples and frost cakes! In this interactive tale, these small acts of kindness translate into minigames that teach young children to read while they play.

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Reading is the key to all learning. That’s why we should focus on how we learn to read. Hale’s Tale introduces students to basic reading skills by systematically teaching them new concepts in an engaging context.


Writing opens a door to the world of self- expression. Before picking up a pen, students need to pick up the basics. How do letters turn into syllables? How do those syllables form words, then sentences?


Self-directed learning puts the student in charge of the learning experience. As they explore the game, students design their own path to literacy. The game’s myriad challenges offer something for everyone.

Example Lesson

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