Influent Southern Europe

No more dictionaries


$25.00 Private
$16.75 Educator

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Windows, Mac, Linux

Influent is a Language Learning Game focusing primarily on vocabulary acquisition and pronunciation while giving players the freedom to learn what they want without pencils or books!

Includes Bulgarian, Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese and Italian language packs.
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Developed by Rob Howland
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Mnemonics are useful memorization techniques that help us remember hard-to-grasp things. Influent's 3D environment gives context to words and helps students construct their own memory devices.


Vocabulary lists are relics of the past. Making a visual and physical connection between words and objects is incredibly valuable to the process of learning a new language, and Influent helps players do just that.


Whatever the language, hearing words pronounced correctly by a native helps learners shed their accents from the get-go. Repeating after the computer may look a bit odd, but it really works!

Operating systemWindows XP+, OSX 10.5+, Linux any (tested on Ubuntu)
Memory1 GB RAM
GraphicsPretty much any 3D graphics card
DirectXVersion 9.0c
Storage1 GB available space