To the moon and beyond


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$17.00 Educator

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Windows, Mac, Linux

KerbalEdu is an official school-ready standalone remix of the award winning game Kerbal Space Program. The game has been enhanced with features that help integrate it into the classroom. Students master real-world physics and engineering skills as their understanding of STEM concepts blasts off!

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It's not rocket science! Wait a second - yes, it is. KerbalEdu lets players build and fly beautifully complicated ships, but if they want to get off the ground, they had better start doing the math.


Closely entwined with calculating angles and fuel capacities are the physical realities of space travel. From Newtonian laws to high-level astrophysics, KerbalEdu covers an impressively broad curriculum.


KerbalEdu is not a game for those who fear failure. Success calls for an true rocket engineer's mindset, and iterative design is a concept students will get familiar far before they even leave orbit.

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Operating systemMinimum Windows Vista or 7, OSX Lion (10.7) or Linux (Most distros should work). Recommended Windows 8 or 10 64 bit , OSX El Capitan (10.13) or Ubuntu 14.04
ProcessorMinimum Core 2 Duo , Recommended Core i5
MemoryMinimum 3GB RAM, Recommended 4GB RAM
GraphicsMinimum SM3 512MB VRAM, Recommended SM4 1GB VRAM
StorageMinimum 4 GB HD space, Recommended 6 GB HD space
SubjectPhysics & Chemistry
Current Version1.4.5