Think like an engineer


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Equipped with a tool box full of gears, belts, and electric wires, you build and repair crazy contraptions. Each machine you fix brings you closer to becoming a true Machineer, and prepares you for your next challenge: the Vehicle Workshop, where you can design, drive, and refine your own car!

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Electronics deals with the movement of electricity through circuits. It happens unseen - all we see are working devices. In Machineers, students build circuitry to fix broken machines and give them life.


Machinery in the world of Machineers is mostly defunct. To figure out how devices work and how to fix them, students first need to pick them apart. Testing and iterating solutions is the key to success.


Engineering is a combination of many useful skills: problem-solving, innovation and application. Machineers lets students practice these skills and learn to tackle any challenge without fear of failure.

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Operating systemWindows XP SP2+, OS X 10.7
ProcessorCore 2 Duo processor or better
Memory2 GB RAM
GraphicsDirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Processor, NVIDIA GeForce 320 on OSX
DirectXVersio 9.0c
Storage1 GB
SubjectMathematics & CS