Motion Force

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Filament Games' Motion Force is a physics learning game that lets your students pilot their own spaceship! Constantly adjusting their ship's propulsion and direction, they learn about and apply Newton’s Laws of Motion. In outer space, not crashing into anything is a lot harder than it looks!

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Newton's Three Laws of Thermodynamics are simple in theory, but difficult to grasp in practice. In Motion Force, students control a ship that obeys these laws to the letter - for better or for worse.


Calculate the Newtons necessary to get your spaceship where it needs to go. Add and subtract values to plot the perfect course to reach your goal! Can you avoid all the dangerous asteroids on the way?


Mass, forces and inertia are all concepts crucial to understanding how motion actually works. How far will an object go? What is needed to stop it from moving? Motion Force tackles all this in detail.

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