Planet Mechanic

Control the cosmos


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In Filament Games' Planet Mechanic, players cater to the demands of fickle aliens who can’t make up their minds about the kind of homeworld they are looking for. Experiment with a planet’s attributes, manipulating its atmosphere, tilt, rotation, and lunar cycles to learn how these factors affect habitability!

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What determines a planet's climate? Is it the speed it moves around its axis? Or its distance from the Sun? Students get to tinker with an accessible universe simulator that provides these answers and more.


Students having trouble understanding what Pascals are? Or what the astronomical unit "au" exactly is? Able to control every variable, players will develop a practical sense of larger-than-life units.


Believe it or not, the Moon is just one variable among many! By playing with it, students can trigger and observe lunar cycles and eclipses, watching celestial objects interact with each other.

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