Slice Fractions

Master mathematics in no time


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Chrome, Android

UluLab's award-winning puzzle game Slice Fractions turns math into an adventure! Slicing their way through ice and lava, students solve increasingly difficult math problems, presented in ways that make them forget they're learning about fractions.

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Mathematics in primary school forms the foundation for learning any and all complex concepts in the future. Creatively applying these core skills and concepts in Slice Fractions prepares your students for the future.


Fractions are often the very first truly challenging math concept many students face. Being able to play around with fractions at their own pace gives students an opportunity to learn safely through trial and error.


Problem-solving is at the heart of every puzzle game. Abstract concepts and theories are no good if they cannot be applied to real-life experiences. Slice Fractions can help your students make the connection.

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