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Protagonist Labs' storytelling game StoriumEdu helps your students tell great stories in the guise of a multiplayer game. Through wild scenarios and structured writing prompts, it can and will get their creative juices flowing in no time.

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Narration breathes life into ordinary events and turns them into stories. In StoriumEdu, teachers set challenges and obstacles for the story. Students work to solve these problems by using their characters’ abilities and agendas.


Writing is a core skill both for school and career readiness later in life. Practicing it can be tedious and daunting, but StoriumEdu works as a catalyst, letting students use their writing skills to craft something great together.


Creativity is a difficult trait to nurture. StoriumEdu encourages students to experiment with scaffolded story-telling where progress is marked by premise- setting cards. These prompts make it easy to start writing.

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