Switch & Glitch

Programming is for everyone


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Chrome, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

5 More Minutes' very own puzzle adventure Switch & Glitch makes intergalactic superheroes out of your students. Leading a band of cute bots, young children learn the basics of programming while saving the world from a mysterious evil.

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Programming is the language of creativity in the 21st century. By playing the game, students form a strong basis of understanding of programming concepts, facilitating advanced learning further on in their lives.


Debugging is the process of fixing mistakes in a program. Switch & Glitch is a safe environment for trying, failing and trying again. Students adopt a mindset of iterative problem-solving as they progress through the game.


Algorithms are step-by-step solutions to recurring problems. In Switch & Glitch, players guide their robots by linking commands, and need to be able to think ahead to predict how their “programs” will function.

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