You Make Me Sick!

Microscopic threats


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$5.99 Educator

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Filament Games' You Make Me Sick! is a biology game that lets your students design their own virus or bacterium, infecting hosts and spreading disease far and wide. By orchestrating the perfect contamination plan, they gain an understanding of how different kinds of pathogens work and spread among humans.

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What causes disease? In this game, students take control of bacteria or a virus and unleash it upon hapless individuals. Students must master the intricacies of their chosen pathogen in order to succeed.


More than just washing your hands, proper hygiene is being aware of potential sources of bacteria, eating right and, when sick, avoiding the spread of disease to others. Cleanliness is also essential!


To propagate and infect all hosts in the game, students must make careful decisions and evolve their disease. Will they go for hardiness or infectiousness? There are plenty of hard choices to make.